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Kelsey Ellis - Social Media Coordinator

OMS4 Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Hello! My name is Kelsey Ellis and I am a current OMS4 at Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine. I have a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology with minors in Chemistry and Animal Science, as well as a M.S. in Biomedicine. While obtaining my undergraduate degree, I rode for the MSU Equestrian Team and MSU Ranch Horse Team, and also worked in a level 1 trauma center. Now at ARCOM, I am involved in several clubs and I spend as much time as I can volunteering at the Good Samaritan Clinic which serves the underserved population in Fort Smith, AR.

I personally love hiking and kayaking with my awesome golden retriever by my side. I fell in love with the Colorado mountains after climbing my first two 14er’s and I look forward to hiking more in the future. I have an interest in all aspects of wilderness medicine but particularly love polar, space, and mountain medicine. My goal for being involved in wilderness medicine is to be prepared for anything and everything at all times, because life is full of surprises!